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The Victor

Timeless elegance on First Hill. Nestled between First Hill’s quiet residential streets and Capitol Hill’s energetic Pike-Pine corridor, The Victor joins a neighborhood of eclectic new residential towers and classic low-rise mixed use buildings. However, the site’s immediate architectural context is a tree-lined avenue of stately brick apartments and Seattle’s First Baptist Church, an ornate chapel built in 1910 that has since been designated as a city landmark. Our goal was to design a timeless, high-quality structure that blends seamlessly with its surrounding area.

Burke & Union

Building Community on the Burke Gilman Trail. Burke & Union is located just north of the University of Washington, abutting the historic Burke Gilman Trail. Our project involved transforming an existing parking lot into an apartment building, while also incorporating a new parking structure to service the units and two neighboring properties.


An Uptown building with World’s Fair flair. Siteline, a development blending residential, office, and retail under one roof, sits at the confluence of Lower Queen Anne, Denny Triangle, and South Lake Union. The mixed-use Uptown community draws inspiration from neighboring Seattle Center—the civic hub home originally developed for the 1962 World’s Fair—by weaving in history, context, and arts into the design.

Yesler Terrace 4

Honoring the past. Shaping the future. Establishing a welcoming southeastern gateway to Yesler Terrace, the Yesler Terrace 4 building offers multi-family living perched on the hillside where Yesler meets Boren—connected by Streetcar to Seattle’s International District and the First Hill and Capitol Hill neighborhoods. 

UW West Campus Student Housing
Phase 1

A Dynamic Student Village

Surrey on Main

Expanding the livable extent of the Bellevue core. One of the first projects to enact the new Bellevue zoning code, Surrey on Main occupies an important corner of the downtown boundary. The project provides a graceful transition from the higher density of the city landscape to the less-concentrated living quarters of the surrounding neighborhood.

Bogtown Flats

Challenging terrain, charming results. Located in eclectic Greenwood, the Bogtown Flats offer warm familiarity and bit of the unexpected. Named after the location’s beginnings as a bog, the area was once considered unbuildable. Navigating a high water table and , the incredibly steep terrain created design challenges which required and divergent thinking.

Broadstone Anthem

Thoughtfully bridging Portland neighborhoods. Broadstone Anthem is poised to be a gateway from Portland’s Eastside core to downtown, enabling a transit-oriented lifestyle brimming with neighborhood amenities, greenspace and community artwork. Its prominent location marks a transition from a historic, industrial district into a dense, burgeoning residential corridor.

7000 Campus Living
at Shoreline Community College

Creating the college’s first-ever student housing. Our task was to build the first student housing ever at Shoreline Community College. This would also be the first new building on the campus in over 20 years. The idea was to create a modern gateway to the school that captured the mid-century aesthetic predominant on the campus.

Aria Flats

Making a modern statement in Redmond. As downtown Redmond transforms into a mixed-use, walk-able community, Aria Flats makes a unique contribution to the new urban fabric. It offers the quiet comfort of a suburban lifestyle next to Anderson Park, while delivering the proximity of a rapidly developing city.