Fireside Flats

Seattle, Washington

Creating Community and Connection in Roosevelt

  • Neighborhood


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  • Size

    86,842 SF
    102 Residential Units

  • Status

    Completed 2022

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  • Photographer

    Built Work Photography

  • Client

    Pastakia + Associates
    SR Investments

A central node for work, life, and play

Located in North Seattle’s Roosevelt district, Fireside Flats offers welcoming community, convenience, and seamless connection to the surrounding neighborhood. Named for the prominent fireplace feature in the main lobby, the building’s design coalesces around communal comforts, modern amenities, and walkability to Roosevelt’s commercial core and its future light rail station.

Blending in while standing out

A project site sandwiched between a single-family home to the west and a multi-family development to the east required creative thinking. Straddling two distinct zones, a tapered building design blends the scale and massing of the split-zone site, incorporating two distinct zoning requirements into one form with a unified architectural language.

Modern design, enduring results

Clean lines and cohesive vision from the ground up create a crisp and modern architectural solution, while simultaneously providing an inviting space for residents and neighbors. A super-frame wraps the entire building, meeting the ground at the entry to highlight Fireside’s lobby and building entrance. Stepped bays articulate the facade, while large patios and robust landscaping buffers add to the charm for a unique pedestrian experience.