Twenty20 Mad

Seattle, Washington

At the Helm of Transformation in Capitol Hill

  • Neighborhood

    Capitol Hill

  • Type


  • Size

    151,200 SF
    157 Residential Units

  • Status

    Completed 2017

  • Services


  • Photographer

    Mark Woods

  • Client


A vacated alley reinvented

This project transformed a long-standing empty site in the heart of Capitol Hill into a vibrant community that connects residents and promotes public interaction. The lot had been vacant for over a decade due to contaminated soils; by reinventing it, we were able to create a form that opened its “arms” to the surrounding urban fabric.

Carving out space for public art and enjoyment

Our project is located where East Madison Street intersects with East Denny Way, creating a triangular-shaped block. The building’s form is molded around an airy, light-filled corner on a tight city intersection that we’ve transformed into an art-filled public park space. We maintained the vacated alley in the building’s floor plan, offering a corridor at the ground level for public passage. This preserves the original urban vibe while also allowing development overhead, re-envisioning an age-old eyesore and giving back to the community in artful ways.

Depth, detail and pops of color

The façade’s intricate pattern of muted colors mixes with pops of yellow to offer an energetic post-modern motif. The building itself is monolithic, but we accomplished architectural depth through the pushing and pulling of the façade panels in the vertical plane. This detail adds interest and a sense of motion while allowing the design to conceal necessary ventilation shrouds. 

Program: 6th floor lounge, mini recording studio, grand stair to roof, roof terrace, strength and cardio center.