Redmond, Washington

Eclectic Parkside Apartments Redefine Neighborhood

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    362,908 SF
    283 Residential Units

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    Under Construction

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Parkside community takes root

Nestled against the edge of Marymoor, King County’s most popular park, the development introduces residential apartments to an area traditionally home to warehouses and converted retail spaces. Two distinct buildings – each designed with its own architectural approach and unique materials – respond to the City of Redmond’s vision to create a vibrant community that will in turn become the catalyst for further residential growth nearby.

Eclectic designs inspired by nature

Though tied together by common geometry and similar rhythms to their exterior facades, the side-by-side buildings take cues from very different “natural wonders.” The western building is brick, inspired by glacial erratics – monolithic boulders that create a sense of awe and invite exploration from passersby – while the eastern building draws influence from tree houses as a place of refuge, and homage to biophilic design centered around the love of nature.

640-acre “backyard”

Thanks to seamless park access, residents enjoy all the benefits of Marymoor’s 640 acres of recreational activities in their backyard, from miles of walking trails to the expansive off-leash dog park, outdoor concerts, and more. Onsite amenities include club and lounge rooms, pool, fitness center, bike wash, pet wash, co-working space, and community art gallery—all designed to foster an active, engaged, and balanced lifestyle.