Marina Square

Bremerton, Washington

An iconic location to live and play

Marina Square, a mixed-use residential and extended stay apartment development, is located on the waterfront in Bremerton, close to the ferry terminal and downtown. With views of the water and Puget Sound ferries, as well as the Olympic mountains, the project’s siting is unparalleled. By orienting the building’s form to the site’s expansive vistas, we welcome pedestrians to Bremerton’s developing waterfront—and create a beacon for those arriving via ferry.

  • Neighborhood

    Downtown Bremerton

  • Type


  • Size

    343,500 SF
    270 Residential Units

  • Parking

    363 Stalls

  • Status

    Completed 2023

  • Services

    Contract Administration

  • Awards

    2023 Golden Nugget Award of Merit: Best Multi-Family Housing Community 100 du/acre or more

  • Photographer

    Built Work Photography

  • Client

    Sound West Group

Private amenities mixed with public access

Marina Square’s program is complex, and we needed to consider multiple stakeholders and economic drivers throughout the project. One crucial stakeholder, though, was the public. The development links downtown, the waterfront, and the ferry terminal; in doing so, it positions itself as an important nexus for both pedestrian traffic and waterfront amenities. Balancing public access and private comforts was a major goal of the project.

Visual metaphors from nature

Two patterns in nature inspired the design team to create the serrated edges of the bay windows. The first pattern is the gills of a shark: integral to the animal, their form echoes the quick, fluid motion necessary for their function. The second pattern is that of barnacles: animals that attach themselves to stationary or slow-moving objects, and sustain life from their location. These natural subjects subtly speak to both the fast and slow patterns of life on Puget Sound.

Program: Multi-family apartments, 3 story garage with parking for 363 cars and 20 motorcycles. Retail market, restaurant, bar; meeting center, public plaza, waterfront park, waterfront public access stair and ramp. Rooftop apartment amenity area.