Broadstone Reveal

Portland, Oregon

A Modern Homage to the Pearl District’s Past

  • Neighborhood

    Pearl District

  • Type


  • Size

    175,000 SF
    147 Residential Units

  • Status

    Completed 2018

  • Services


  • Photographer

    Built Work Photography

  • Client

    Alliance Residential Company

A city of industry; a neighborhood of change.

The Pearl District announces its story architecturally. As a former industrial district, its working past visually echoes through historic facades, street-facing loading docks, and pioneer-era rail yard sites. Following a period of rapid change—in which many existing buildings were updated into revitalized community, office, technical, and entertainment spaces—the neighborhood now exhibits an eclectic mix of building heights, materials, and eras. Our challenge was to create a six-story mixed-use building which would be appropriately reverent to its diverse urban context—while also standing out with interest in its own right.

Coherence with history

The Pearl’s brick warehouses, raised loading docks, and steel canopies are prominent and culturally-important neighborhood features. Playing on this context, our design includes a strong brick inner core, with richly textured metal and glass bays which hang  off of the brick core. Raised terrace areas outside the street-facing live/work units replicate the industrial docks and recall the historical context of the district, offering our take on living history.

Street-level synergy

The “docks” extend the living space for the live/work units, offering a raised area which simultaneously inspires interaction at the street level. The sidewalk realm is warmly welcomed via active-use ground floor spaces and a generous setback; pedestrians are encouraged to make a pleasant walking connection between the NW Alphabet District, the River District and the parks and Willamette River.

Program: Ground floor live-work units with raised “dock” exterior terrace. Retail, lobby, lounge, and game room at level 1. Apartments at levels 2-6, with private outdoor terraces for units at level 2 and level 6.  Large, outdoor terrace with fire-pit, BBQ and lounge/fitness space at level 6 facing back to the city, with views to the Fremont Bridge beyond.