Broadstone Gateway

Bellevue , Washington

A Community for Three Generations


  • Neighborhood


  • Type

    Multi-Family; Independent Senior Living; Mixed-Use

  • Size

    450,000 SF
    146 Independent-Living Units
    190 Multi-Family Units

  • Status

    Under Construction

  • Services


  • Client

    Alliance Residential Company

A gradient of ages

Our task was to build a community serving two distinct audiences with different needs—multi-family residential and independent senior living—on a sloped site with quirky zoning restrictions. Additionally, the plan needed to gel with a related, adjacent assisted living building by the same developer. Knowing that we’d have a gradient of age groups living in these intertwined buildings, we aimed to create opportunities for everyone to overlap and interact.

Rising to the challenge of split-zoning

Located on the southeast corner of Downtown Bellevue, the sloping project site is zoned to encourage a transition between the quiet residential neighborhood to the south and bustling commercial district to the north. Broadstone Gateway’s building shape supports this goal with a stepped design, growing from mid-rise to high-rise as it travels uphill approaching the taller scale of central downtown.

Holistic living steps from downtown

Poised as a gateway to Downtown Bellevue, the development imparts the multi-family  and high-rise buildings with separate identities while integrating them together as one holistic campus with the assisted living project to the north. The independent living tower includes a commercial kitchen, communal dining hall, game room, fitness, and club room with expansive south westerly views and city sunsets. The multi-family apartment amenities include a gym, lounge and top floor deck. Associated by proximity and shared outdoor spaces, residents will connect via a central porte-cochère entry point, landscaped public plazas with seating and fountain feature, and retail spaces including a café and a bistro.

Program: Independent Living high-rise includes a commercial kitchen and communal dining hall. Multi-family apartment amenities include a gym, lounge and deck. The two buildings also share a porte-cochère, parking garage, and two commercial spaces.