Broadstone Clarendon

Seattle, Washington

An Elegant Architectural Tribute in Uptown

  • Neighborhood

    Lower Queen Anne

  • Type


  • Size

    91,909 SF
    76 Residential Units
    6 Live/Work Units

  • Status

    Built 2017

  • Services


  • Awards

    Seattle People's Choice Urban Design Award, 2017

  • Photographer

    Mark Woods

  • Client

    Alliance Residential Company

Channeling iconic Seattle

Broadstone Clarendon draws its influence from the nearby Space Needle and the wonderfully crafted structures of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, while responding to the energy of Denny Way, and the quiet, tree-lined neighborhood of Warren Ave North. The challenge in constructing this six-story building was in meeting the desire to create a timeless, well-detailed building while at the same time revering and deferring to the iconic Space Needle.  

Inspired by opposing urban contexts

Located on a compact plot at the edge of Downtown Seattle, Broadstone Clarendon successfully bridges multiple modalities. The building pushes and pulls based on the activity of each facing street — advancing toward the frenetic pulse of Denny Way and retreating back along sleepy Warren Avenue. Outlooks offer distinctly different experiences; stunning natural views of Elliott Bay to the west, and the peaceful, walk-able neighborhood viewpoint of Uptown to the east. Further, the building quietly references the historic Space Needle, which can be seen from the site, as well as the other forms of Seattle Center.

Sophistication made simple

Broadstone Clarendon emerges from its environment with both complexity and simplicity. Materials are used in ways to create a multi-layered façade that gives shade, shadow and depth to the building. The overall proportions and scale create a richness and stateliness in design. At the same time, the building elements remain simple and straightforward. Window types are minimized and exhaust vents, which typically pepper similar-type building facades, are concealed through thoughtful detailing. The resulting building exudes modern grace, reflecting its surrounding context with a dignified and humanistic presence.

Program: 76 apartments, six live-work units, 50 parking stalls, retail, lobby/lounge. Private outdoor spaces on the east and west. Amenity spaces including a rooftop dog/bike wash, outdoor terrace with fire pit, barbecues and lounge with commanding views over Elliott Bay and downtown Seattle. Partial green roof adjacent to rooftop terrace.