Bellevue Station

Bellevue, Washington

A Transit-Adjacent Hub for Contemporary Urban Living

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  • Size

    366,000 SF
    292 Residential Units

  • Status

    Under Construction

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  • Client

    Legacy Partners

A central node in Bel-Red

Growing in anticipation of its future light rail connection, Bel-Red is the up-and-coming area where Bellevue meets Redmond—a centrally located neighborhood soon to be accessible by public transit. Our team approached Legacy Bellevue Station with this in mind, designing a hub for contemporary urban living while simultaneously helping to advance the City’s Comprehensive Plan for added density and connectivity.

Community connected by design

Carefully considered human-scale architectural details, open green spaces, and lush landscape buffers form an inviting pedestrian experience, while new retail opportunities activate Spring Street with shopping and dining—enhancements that will be enjoyed by both residents and neighbors alike.

Complex code inspires creative solutions

In the face of highly restrictive zoning setbacks and regulations, our team rose to the challenge. The massing extracts a jouissance from the zoning code that is unexpected, while the facades feature quality materials, including brick (seven stories high in some areas) adorned with custom sun shades inspired by Japanese Torii gates. The end result is modern yet welcoming.

Program: 292 residential apartments including two-level townhomes, rooftop amenities, ground level courtyard, retail shopping, and restaurant space.